About Us

Ralph is a six year old corgi pup who has captured hearts around the world with his sweet smile and mischievous ways.  He spends his days impersonating a loaf, lying belly up, and trying to find other ways to bring laughter and light to the lives of his parentals.  

After Ralph lived as an only (very spoiled) child for a year, his parentals welcomed a little human into the world, who is affectionately known as Ralph's "Broham."  Fearing that Ralph would grow despondent after having to share his parentals for the first time, when Broham was just three months old, Ralph's parentals adopted a then-three year old corgi and named him George.  George, who is now nine years old, is the elder statesmen of the bunch, who spends his days following around his humans, scavenging for anything edible, and rolling his eyes at Ralph whilst secretly waiting for Ralph to loaf up next to him.  

Together, Ralph and George form a dynamic duo that has burrowed their way into the hearts and homes of people across the world.  Their charm was perhaps best captured in a BuzzFeed video, where they surprised one of their biggest and sweetest fans.  You can follow Ralph and George's daily adventures on Instagram and Facebook!